Peregrine Falcon Cam in Australia 3

Peregrine Falcon Cam at 367 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia


The YouTube live stream

ended for the 2022 season

Sources:  Victorian Peregrine Project c/o Mirvac and 367 Collins Falcons
Data:  2022 Incubation & Prey Tracking Statistics

1st egg laid on 08-23-22 2nd egg laid on 08-25-22
3rd egg laid on 08-26-22 4th egg laid on 08-29-22
1st egg hatched on 09-30-22  Day 38 2nd egg hatched on 9-30-22  Day 36
3rd egg hatched on 10-01-22  Day 36 4th egg hatched on 10-03-22  Day 35