Kincaid Lake Eagle Cam

Kincaid Lake Eagle Cams at Kincaid Lake Recreation Area, Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana

Source:  U.S.D.A. Forest ServiceYouTube Channel Mission: U.S.D.A. Forest Service

Eagle Pair:  Louis & Anna (E1)  (Anna euthanized due to probability of Avian flu on 01-01-24; See Facebook post)

1st egg laid on 12-09-23
1st egg nonviable at indeterminable date

Eagle Pair:  Alex & Andria (E3)   (Andria deceased on 12-08-23; Alex missing on 12-26-23)

1st egg laid on 11-19-23? 2nd egg laid on 11-22-23
1st egg nonviable on 12-27-23  Day 38? 2nd egg nonviable on 12-27-23  Day 35