Community Guidelines

I welcome and embrace each new member of Nature Chat and hope that you find appreciation and value for coming here almost as much as you do exploring and experiencing nature.



  • Please be respectful of all other members on this website, its related forums and discussion threads
  • Please refrain from posting lewd, profane or vulgar content and/or comments
  • Please refrain from using the thumbs down button.  Disqus has both thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.  While both buttons serve a function, if users give another user a thumbs down response they will be banned from Nature Chat.  The reason for banning a thumbs down is straightforward:  It’s disrespectful, insulting and cowardly.  If you don’t appreciate another user’s comment, move along quietly or find the bravery to be honest enough to provide a written response explaining why you don’t like the comment.  Treat others as you prefer to be treated.


  • Please refrain from posting any content considered offensive or threatening
  • Please refrain from advertising, soliciting or selling goods and/or services
  • Please refrain from posting spam content
  • Please provide credit to content sources that are not your own
  • Please refrain from plagiarizing
  • Please refrain from posting content that infringes upon copyrights
  • Please refrain from posting content that infringes upon intellectual property rights

Failure to abide by conduct policies and publishing policies outlined above can result in being banned at the discretion of the website administrator or moderator.

If banned for failing to abide by policies listed above, users are encouraged to contact requesting further detailed explanation for such decisions.