Captiva Eagle Cam

The Captiva Eagle Cams on YouTube became extinct like the dodo bird.

Why exactly?  Considering the partnership of AEF and HDonTap, neither organization seemed to have cared enough to restore the live streams promptly each time either or both went offline.

Farewell, Captiva Eagle Cams, and good riddance.

Captiva Eagle Cam at Captiva Island, FL


Eagle Pair:  Connie and Joe Eaglet Pair:  Hope and Peace
Source:  American Eagle Foundation Mission:  American Eagle Foundation
1st egg laid on 11-04-20 2nd egg laid on 11-08-20
1st egg hatched on 12-14-20  Day 40 2nd egg hatched on 12-14-20  Day 36
Hope passed on 01-24-21  Day 41 👼 Peace passed on 01-13-21  Day 30 👼

What has been learned?  A cautionary tale, as follows: