Big Bear Eagle Cam

Big Bear Eagle Cam at Big Bear Valley, California Source:  Friends of Big Bear Valley and FOBBV Cam Eagle Pair:  Jackie & Shadow  Click here to donate 1st egg laid on 01-06-21  2nd egg laid on 01-09-21  3rd egg laid on 01-13-21 1st egg destroyed on 01-07-21 by ravens 2nd egg destroyed on 01-14-21 by ravens 3rd egg broken on 01-13-21 4th egg laid on 02-08-21 5th egg laid on 02-11-21 1st hatch nonviable on 03-19-21  Day 39 5th egg nonviable on 03-24-21  Day 41 1st egg laid on 01-22-22 2nd egg laid on 01-25-22 1st egg nonviable on 03-04-22 … Continue reading Big Bear Eagle Cam